Are You Ready For Spring Allergy Season?

With the snowpocalypse behind us, we are all ready for warm spring weather! Or are we?
If you suffer from allergies you may dread the word “spring” because you know what it brings with it.
If you greet the arrival of spring each year with sneezing and watery eyes instead of a smile, it may
be time to take a new look at your seasonal allergies. Whether you’ve been struggling with spring allergies for
two years or twenty years, we can help you get a handle on your symptoms.
Spring pollen starts much earlier than many people think…as early as mid-February. This means you
need to have your plan in place by mid-February, not mid-March. The biggest spring allergy trigger
is pollen, or tiny grains, released by grasses and trees. Pollen can travel for miles and when it reaches
the nose and eyes of someone who is allergic, it wreaks havoc. Allergy symptoms tend to be worse on breezy
days when the wind carries pollen through the air and less of a problem on rainy days when the water washes
the pollen away.
Spring allergy symptoms include:
-Runny nose
-Itchy nose
-Watery eyes
-Itchy eyes
-Dark circles under eyes
-Increase in asthma symptoms
If you have tried prescription or over the counter medications without relief it’s time to see an allergist.
We can help you determine exactly what you’re allergic to and provide you with a plan to control your
symptoms. Call Birmingham Allergy & Asthma Specialists at (205)943-1197 today!

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